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you mentioned on an earlier thread that rumer had it that Goldman Sacks was in the process of purchasing large quantities of gold option calls. This in my opinion, if true is a major signal as to the timing and direction the manipulation of Gold will be taking. I believe Goldman Sacks is very aware of global market manipulations. I believe they have connections to secret dealings between the centeral banks, Federal reserve,and the treasury. I don't want to read to much into your statements but do want to try to verify if this is rumer or if it is fact. Can you please enlighten me as to whare you heard this? or direct me to whare I may verify it? I am trying to figure out my metals position and need every edge I can get.

-- Gambler (scotanna@arosnet.com), August 13, 1999


Gambler, here ya go....

COMEX delivery intentions posted over the last two weeks show that Goldman Sachs has obtained control of a large portion of the COMEX gold warehouse stocks. The warehouse stocks stand at 948,973 ounces, while Goldman Sachs stopped 4,718 contracts, or 471,800 ounces, representing just below half of the total. This presents the possibility that Goldman Sachs could attempt a short squeeze, since there will be little physical gold available for short sellers if they are forced to cover in a sharp rally.


-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), August 13, 1999.

Can someone who is conversant with these indicators please explain in simple layman terms, for those of us who are not market players, what this means (literally), and what it may portend? Thanks!

-- RUOK (RUOK@yesiam.com), August 13, 1999.


Do these COMEX delivery intention postings reflect option contract strike prices, option orders? I don't know a whole lot about this stuff but trying to learn. I have read articles about Goldman Sacks being involved in a gold carry. Could these purchases be to unwind there positions? What is the likely effect of all this? You sound like you could be knowledgable about the Gold/Stock market what are some of your ideas on possible senarios? Please include whare you rate yourself on the 1-10 y2k scale. Im a 7. I think.(Depression,bank runs, not sure if the U.S.dollar system will collapse or will keep, 70% stock market correction 30 % by 12/31 99 the rest by 12/31 2000.)

-- Gambler (scotanna@arosnet.com), August 13, 1999.


Without going into great detail (your answer would require several pages of text) I can tell you that I've been a stockbroker for 15 years....and the info that Andy presents from "Prudent Bear" is quite accurate. Goldman has been an aggressive buyer of gold, and Warren Buffet has accumulated somewhere in the neighborhood of 195mm in silver.Knowing that these heavyweights that are RARELY dead wrong on large commitments like these, I feel it's a safe bet to assume that gold and silver have at least 'neared' their bottoms (prices) and are due for a rally soon. You can verify this info via any Bloomberg machine, or local faves like the Wall Street Journal,Forbes, Barron's.etc. ....get ready for the ride of your life....precious metals will cause some sleepless nights! :)


-- keepon (vacillating@hourly.edu), August 13, 1999.

'Twas not so long ago that we were being presented with rumors that Goldman Sachs was shorting gold big time, so big that they could have trouble covering if the price went up.

Today we get reports that they are aggressive buyers, and may be atttempting a short squeeze.

Glad I'm not a gold bug; I'm not sure I could handle all that excitement! :-)


-- Jerry B (skeptic76@erols.com), August 13, 1999.

Goldman Sachs going public in '29 and again now was a recent topic. Any follow up?

-- Carlos (riffraff1@cybertime.net), August 14, 1999.


I think the reponses here pretty well sum it up for me without spending 8 hours putting something together. I read this information about goldman on LeMetropolitan Cafe'. Check out Kitco.com. for other good PM news and happenings sprinkled in with trivial stuff. Lot of great personality and intelligence there. Theres not a question that you can ask at kitco about any subject that "Tolerant" can't answer and give you follow up sites to back up his responses. The guy is amazing.


-- flierdude (mkessler0101@sprynet.com), August 14, 1999.

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