Weed Control for Bladey Grass (?Question for Sandy Gilmore)

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Greetings Folks. Just read Sandy Gilmore's information in Tropo Library article: "Weed Control for Organic Farms". Any recommendations, experiences of effective organic control of bladey grass ? (ie apart from digging & hand-pulling).

Thanx for your informative Web Site



-- Mazza Welham (5corners@nor.com.au), August 13, 1999


Weed Control for Bladey Grass

Bladey grass just loves a bush-fire - so if you want it to prosper - burn it. On the other hand, it does not like mowing - so keep on mowing it. Works for me. Good Luck. Dianna.

-- Dianna Ottaway (keotta@abc.aunz.net), September 09, 1999.

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