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So has anyone with any camera experience gotten their hands on the new JVC GY-DV500U camera? It looks like a company finally decided to recognize that there is a robust market for *professional* quality DV cameras at a $5000 price point.

You can take a look (and if you're like me, drool) at the camera by visiting the JVC website (http://www.jvc.com) and going to their pro video section. I've seen a couple of places pre-selling it from between $4500 - $5,500 depending on the bundled accessories. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find many specs on the lens options with it--though it looks like Fujinon, similar to those modified by Optex for the XL1.

Cheers, - John

-- John Windmueller (jwind@cais.com), August 13, 1999


I'm thinking of tapping into the DV market with the model you just mentioned. Where have you seen this camera for sale?

Thanks, in advance.

A DV fan.

-- DV Shooter (novell.netware@excite.com), August 17, 1999.

Good looking camera. Format is consumer DV (not DVCam or DVCPro. Keep in mind that even though this cam is larger in size than the popular palm-corder style DV cameras (XL-1, GL-1, TRV-900) is still accepts only the mini size tapes which currently allow for a 60min load. 80min load cassettes will arrive on the shelf before the end of the year. The bundled lens is a Fuji 14:1. The lenses for this camera are not modified--it accepts standard 1/2" Bayonet mount lenses. All the pro bells and whistles are there. Manual everything including audio levels, XLR inputs.

Also check out the new DV VTR from JVC, BR-DV600U. It offers Firewire in/out as well as all the standard analog including analog component. Also RS-422 control. Perfect for NLE's.

-- John Purvey (jcpurvey@videoimages.com), October 11, 1999.

I just bought one from www.computervice.com for $4500. This was the promo package that includes the 14x Fuji lens, tripod plate, b/w viewfinder, camera body (of course), and mono microphone (quality???). This was the best price I could find after a month of intensive searching. They only have a few packages left though so you might want to be quick. Write me in a week or so and I'll let you know if I got screwed over or what. It looks like a good thing. Make sure to tell them that you wanted to attend their open house and ask them if they will give you the open house price ($4500) instead of their listed price of $4750. Good luck!

-- Christian A. Fabian (fabiusse@hotmail.com), May 04, 2000.

Well that's rather spooky... I posted the message that started this thread in August of 1999, went out this afternoon and purchased the JVC, got home to play with the new beast, and up popped your message.

Yes, compuvice has the best price I've run across on the camera. I went ahead and got it at a local pro video shop that still had one camera left with the special rate (including the Fujinon lens). It was slightly more than compuvice, but I was in a hurry. But, FYI, Compuvice has fantastic service.... I think you'll be really happy with 'em.

As for the quality, I'm playing now. You should know that the mic isn't exactly stellar. I already have a Samson wireless lav I'm going to be using with the camera, but I'll probably also fork out the $ for a good short shotgun mic (like the Sennheiser K6/me66 combo).

Hope you're enjoying your new toy/tool as much as I am :-)

Cheers, - John

-- John Windmueller (jwind@cais.com), May 04, 2000.

The jvc dv 500 is not any better than a vx2000 or xl1. We just bought and sold 2 dv500's. Do a side by side test BEFORE you buy one. DO NOT trust the posts. 1/3 vs 1/2 is not that big of a difference. If you're shooting for a broadcast show - beta or 2/3 inch is the only way to go. Look at discovery channel vs the outdoor channel. Discovery is beta and 2/3 inch dvc-pro. Outdoor channel is vx2000's and xl1's. I'm not bashing, I'm talking from experience.

-- Scott G (Scottwgurn@adelphia.net), February 18, 2002.

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