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My question relates to the current state of the military regimes of a number of countries including: Russia & the Independent States, China, Iraq, and small anti-West terrorist groups (Bin-Ladin). With the high probabilty of at least regional infrastructure failures in North America and some form of U.S. Military readiness reduction, countries and organizations that wish us ill will sieze the initiative to further damage the U.S. either through a direct military confrontation, terrorist attacks within the U.S., chemical & biological attacks within the U.S., or a military conquest (China vs. Taiwan for example).

I have yet to see much time and effort devoted to the larger Military implications to y2k. With the U.S. military providing local assistance to help deal with regional & localized infrastructure failures, our international presence and military power projection will be geatly reduced. I can't imagine a more opportune time for rogue nations to strike the U.S. and our interests. I wouldn't be suprised to see a military draft reinstated (if the Deparment of Defense has sufficient computer system bandwidth after the roll-over)in the likelihood that things get rather dicey.

Another area of interest is satellite communications. How many satellites have embedded processors that utilize dates? It is nearly impossible to perform remediation, repair, and verification testing since many of these satellites are in such a high earth orbit that even the space shuttle can't reach them. Throw in the worst projected Sunspot activity slated for January, and you have the potential for a more widespread meltdown of telecommunications and electricity distribution.

As for how to put HD back together, I think it is imperitive that the focus be placed on infrastructure repair. Once that is completed, then the financial institutions, and oil industry. After that, shift the focus to the other process industries (pharmecuticals, petrochemical refining, food & beverage, etc.).

I don't think we should rely on the Federal Government to provide all the reconstruction money, personnel resources, coordination, etc. I think you will have to start locally, then link the reconstructed localities into a region, then link the reconstructed regions back into one country.

I think martial law is inevitable, hopefully only for a limited time duration. Don't be suprised to see travel restrictions placed on individuals and families during this time as well.

-- Mark Sampica (, August 12, 1999


It would be good timing for your rogue nations, however, will they be able to mobilize their forces and weapons? If the U.S. cannot, I doubt whether the rogues will be able. I do expect terrorism in the U.S. on New Years, but IMHO, that will be the extent of acts of aggression. Perhaps a Goldfinger will emerge, but I expect no international acts of aggression after the New Year.

-- Rick Reilly (, August 13, 1999.

I too fear "terrorist" reprisals for the USA especially during the rollover to 2000. USA has been shooting cruise missiles at people whose whole religion/philosophy is "an eye for an eye", etc. Y2K would seem to be just too "good" of an opportunity for "them" to retaliate.

As far as the technology necessary to strike the USA IMHO it would not be necessary to use much technology if terrorists were to utilize chemical, biological, and possible some "dirty" smaller nukes.

A few well-coordinated and thought out attacks on "strategic" bridges, both vehicle and railroad, would leave the USA with some severe supply problems.

Drive around your home town and see how vulnerable we really are to any kind of terrorist attacks: utility sub stations are "protected" by a hurricane fence with a warning sign, telephone/telecommunication switch boxes are located only a few feet from roadways, water towers are "guarded" maybe be a hurrican fence, etc. Use your imagination and think like "the enemy" and it can quickly become scary.

Sorry for any insomnia these thoughts may provoke.

IMHO martial law will probably be imposed due to the vulnerability we face now and which will increase due to

-- M. Hawkins (, August 13, 1999.

I might hope that those who have been wronged (or feel they have been wronged) by Uncle Sam will (1) be satisfied if we suffer significant set backs, (2) take consolation in the leveling of the playing field, and (3) focus more on how they can improve their own situation and competitiveness in a global marketplace that promises substantially more than the satisfaction of revenge. Only time will tell, however.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

"... time misspent and faculties mis-employed, and senses jaded by labor, or impaired by excess, cannot be recalled any more than that freshness of the heart, before it has become aware of the deceits of others, and of its own."

- John Randolph

-- Stan Faryna (, September 05, 1999.

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