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what other kinds of work does a Journalist do?

-- Melissa (, August 12, 1999


What qualifications will I need to become a journalist?

-- Katy Hocking (, January 25, 2001.

would you please answer what qualifications i need to become a journalist?

-- sonali kapoor (, June 09, 2001.

this sight is so unimformative!!

-- Kari Merriott (, June 17, 2002.

Maybe you should do a Yahoo search on becoming a journalist.

-- Alicia Graves (, July 11, 2002.

i tried to come here for info for a school paper and i didnt get anything! this is really dumb!!!

-- me (, February 06, 2003.

i dont get it.

-- (, March 09, 2003.

this was a somewhat helpful website but if you need help in something else you should use yahoo instead

-- Patricia De La Torre (, May 12, 2003.

Haha i also came here for a school paper and didn't get anything! what the???

-- Laurie (, July 27, 2003.

My answer is this- this site is the most stupid sight ever. Im also doing this for a school report and it's so frustrating when FOOLS make a crappy webpage. Thanks for nothing, wierdos.

-- I dont understand the point (, September 25, 2003.

as was i looking for information for a school report... does the web have anything on journalism!!??????

-- (, October 19, 2003.

Funny, I was looking for information on journalism too.

-- Diesha Elliott (, October 30, 2003.

what are the steps on becoming a journalist? how many years of college, which schools are the best basically what are the requirements?Does anybody know?

-- crystal rivera (, November 20, 2003.

This website is so stupid there is nothing about journalism on it and nobody should come here cause it sucks. it says it has information about journalism and it does not. i needed help for a school report and this definettly didn't help whoever created it needs a new hobbie.

-- Ashley Mulking (, January 30, 2004.

this site sux a$$. Go away

-- Mellissa Howard (, February 06, 2004.

Stupid site........ i was doing homework to! wierd eh? so many people working on one topic!

-- Emma (, February 28, 2004.

This site has nothing on it and should be taken off the net.

-- Dustin Proto (, March 08, 2004.

This is soo retarded! nothing on the internet about journalism? this is soo flippin stupid! grr im going insane!

-- Tim F. (, March 11, 2004.

i agree with everyone. this page sucks i hate you all

-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

melanie stinks

-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

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-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

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-- Charlie from Willy Wonka (, March 16, 2004.

what are you saying nicolas?

-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

eileen sux balls!!!! YES I MEAN IT!

-- bazza bazza (, March 16, 2004.

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-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

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-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

stop laughing mel you look like a whore

-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

hello thomas how are you?

-- hayle (, March 16, 2004.

ummmm hayle...your QUITE annoying. lol do you go to saint augustine high school? bc thats funny if you do. lol i just thought you did...bc you said go saints. this sight suckkkkkkkks

-- confused (, March 24, 2004.

i am not annoying. i dont go to that school. and the saints suck so much that they won the wizard cup. haha

-- hayle (, March 28, 2004.

HEY! i KNOW you are laughing at my NAME! well DON'T coz it's named after a DAM...LAKE...thingy... h aha ha ah ah anywaz.. i think the saints suck... but collingwood RULE! yeah.... i agree that this site sux..... ~Gladds

-- Gladice Murrumbidgee (, March 28, 2004.

*Sigh...what's this site meant to be about again? i'm not even interested in journalism.... hi tom... heyya eyelid... heyya mel... i'm bored.. ~ glADDS

-- Gladice Murrumbidgee (, March 28, 2004.

eyelid! my internet keeps shutting down ("you are experiencing problems with internet bla bla... SHUT DOWN") .. i'm getting it every two seconds...ARHH! so *&@^$#&^$ annoying!

gtg it's come bak ~Gladds

-- Gladice Murrumbidgee (this is soo annoying to type out ALL the time) (, March 29, 2004.

*sigh...i am sooo tired,... i'm just finishing my english newspaper assign... it's 12:22 Pm... wow... april already! *pinch and punch for the first day of the month* ... wah... i wanna go to bed... tootlz for now then.. ~a VERY tired Gladds

-- Gladice Murrumbidgee (, March 31, 2004.

this is probably the most pointless web site I've ever found

-- dave (dave@davetherave.con), April 05, 2004.

This site does not offer any valuable information I want to know about Journalism. In fact, it is not consistent in its information. I think it needs to reform.

-- Brenton Simon (, April 23, 2004.

hey i have some answers on journalism if anyone needs it,prerequisits, degrees, salaries, etc. if you need anything e-mail me. check you guys later- Penny Lane

-- penny (, May 19, 2004.

This site is so stupid ey! I was looking for information on journalism and well didnt get anything except you guys sendin messages to each other! well have fun! My friend Tiana called you all gay! sorry!

-- Dani (, June 07, 2004.

I hate this site and everyone that's replied to it. That means YOU!!!

-- Benjamin (, June 18, 2004.

My answer is below this ramble. It's only 'gay' because you're mis-using it. Also, what good does it do to make fun of others over the net? You guys are *so* cool, lemme' tell you. Also, for those people at the top of the page, it's spelled "site". Not sight.

Journalists do things like field reports, interviews, public participation, etc. But mostly just write. Personally...I want to be a sports journalist.

-- Kakashi (, November 18, 2004.

Ssss. Sssss, ssss!

-- sss (, January 11, 2005.

I'm seriously interested in becoming a do you expect me to find information on becoming one if the answers are not provided here when students are told to look here!!

-- Nicholle (, March 10, 2005.

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