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What is the use of the extra button and switches on the top of he 35 GT the [x2] one the [T] one and the button near it ...

-- Jean-Marc Chaton (chaton.j@cgi.fr), August 12, 1999


Response to 35 GT extra buttons


The 2x switch is used for backlight condition

The 'T' is for 10 sec timer, and the other button is battery check, press it the meter should go above 1/125 sec for good battery.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), August 12, 1999.

Response to 35 GT extra buttons

Not many compact manual camera has timer. For example there is no timer on Rollei 35.

The sliding timer switch on top of camera is also a Minox feature. Many 35mm camera has rotary timer switch on the front of camera body, trace back to the early timer level on Zeiss Contax rangerfinder camera.

RED color shows up when the timer is switched on. It stays at this timer on position and does not automatically reset it self. If you do not want self timer at next picture, remember to manually reset it, otherwise you may wonder what happens, why there is not reaction when you press the shutter release; in that case, you better hold your camera steady and let the picture betaken with timer, otherwise , if you take a look at what is happening and turn the camera to yourself, 'click' you may take a blurry picture of yourself !

Even if you are quick enough to slide the switch back (after the shutter was armed), the moment you slide the switch back, the shutter is triggered.

This sliding timer switch on top, with red color indicator feature is copied by other deluxe automatic camera, for example Contax T2.

2x backlight slide switch also does not reset itself, must be manual reset.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), August 15, 1999.

At least you can still see through the viewfinder while the camera is doing its count-down in self-timing mode. Try doing that with an SLR! It's happened to me with my Olympus OM-2S and all I can do is hold the camera roughly pointing where I want it to be because the mirror flips up as soon as the countdown begins and it can't be cancelled. At least, with the Minox, you can still take the picture because you can see what the canera's looking at. Maybe, if you realise what's happening in time, you can just use the T switch as a shutter release?

Regards, Ray

-- Ray Moth (ray_moth@yahoo.com), January 25, 2001.

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