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Does anyone know the history of this unit? It appears to be a BLW DS4-4-1000 and I assume it was purchased second-hand after the merger. Thanks. WM

-- Will Martin (, August 11, 1999


The April-May-June issue of Extra 2200 South, issue #60,has a photo of Buckeye Cellulose Corp., #235 and identifies the unit as a "BLW DS44-1000 (74597, 4/49). This unit was first A&WP #677, then Jacksonville Port Authority (Municipal Docks Ry) #102 about 1971-1972 then SCL #235 in L/74".

According to the SCL Condensed Roster of Equipment dated June 30, 1975, there is listed a #235, former JPA 102, build date of 1949, Baldwin 1000 HP, classed as an S-10, purchased second hand from Jacksonville Port Authority 1974. The class, S-10, was the class assigned to the locomotive by SCL. Hope this answers you questions about this unit. Kenneth P. Lesnett

-- Kenneth P. Lesnett (, December 11, 1999.

In Addendum:

Definitely not ex ACL-CBQ VO-1000s (they were SCL 85-95) closest I have found is in the 1/1/81 roster: SCL 234 (SW900)

None of my rosters have anything in the 230 series beyond #234 (an SW900).

Those rosters are from 7/1/67,1/1/73 and 1/1/81.

I know this isn't really an answer to your question but it may help narrow your search.

In case it matters, is this #235 a Black/yellow or a FAM. Lines scheme?

-- Andrew Callo (, August 15, 1999.

You sure it's not an S-12? There are no records of #235 from my sources. Definitely not from SAL

-- Andrew Callo (, August 15, 1999.

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