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OK... when I play Super Hang-On's original set, MAME says it doesn't work back properly - and then immediatly crashes. This is using the official MAME release from - If this is true - how in the heck did Game Guru get 3 million and some points in that game? Am I the only one who experiences this error?

-- Gameboy9 (, August 11, 1999


Hmmmm... I have an update on Game Guru's actions - it is quite clear that he used the BOOTLEG set of hangon - how do I know? I used "playback shangon(game name) shang(game recording's name)" in the dos prompt(it's a .bat file), and it fed back to be saying that it will play back a previous recording of shangonB - yes - super hang- on bootleg, not super hang-on original.

Therefore, it is with great confidence that I can accuse Game Guru of trying to get more leaderboard points. Can we please move this recording to the correct place? Thanks - we'll all appreciate it.

-- Gameboy9 (, August 11, 1999.

It4s not the first time that Game Guru make illegal things (I remember various Flying Shark and clones inps. recorded with more lives or in easy mode).

-- ^Cronos^ (, August 11, 1999.

You know, I am just about ready to.. to.. (Ah, that's been used too many times) I would propose a system like what Ebay and Yahoo Auctions have. Every positive submittion counts for x amount of points. and each incorrect submittion, Wrong settings, Incorrect game/romset costs the person y points. Whenever a player drops below a set number, (I like to call it a KILL number), the player is deemed ineligible to continue to compete at MARP. One way to keep things fair. Also, anyone who has had problems recently downloading from the ROM site, I am working on it, moving to another server if it requires it. I will keep you informed, and am already set up for the next set of games for the next tournament, already have reserved places on the site for them! I'll keep you in the game, I hope. ;-)

-- Chris Parsley (, August 11, 1999.

The non bootleg of superhangon is not working yet. For future reference, if there isn't a screenshot for it and it's not a very new version or a recently fixed game, there's a chance it's a lame/illegal recording. I try to put screenshots up only for games that are playable to a limited degree (on my computer anyway and i do try to determine if they are playable to a limited extent.) If anyone knows of a game with a MARP screen shot that isn't playable lemme know. I think i might have made a screen shot for the origonal version of one game in the 36b2 series that is only playable in the bootleg version (besides superhangon).

-- Chad (, August 11, 1999.

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