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What things really poke holes in your self-confidence? Do you consider yourself to be a fairly confident person, or one of the worthless, or somewhere in the middle? What things really help your sense of self-confidence?

-- Liz (, August 11, 1999



I've been working on retreiving my legendary self-confidence for the last two years after having had it trampled by the Evil One for eight. *g* I think I'm about half-way back.

What does affect my self-confidence is problems. Whenever something goes wrong, I tend to start thinking how if only I were better in this category or that, the problem would be wouldn't be more than an annoyance. Like when my car developed first a radiator leak, and then stopped running completely. . . "If only I wasn't such a failure, I could just take it to the dealer and let him deal with cock-eyed engineering and a computer controlled system that I an't diagnose, much less fix."


-- R.A. Randall (, August 29, 1999.

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