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I recently purchased a used Gossen Luna-Pro SBC from George Urey. He didn't have the instructions for the meter. The meter is in great shape and gives readings as I would expect. General usage seems straightforward.

However, I have been unable to find anything that locks the needle when the meter is not in use. As a landscape photographer, I seem to be hauling my gear around in a back pack, or something equally likely to receive abrupt knocks. I'm concerned that I may damage the meter if the needle is free to move during the bumping.

If the meter doesn't have a needle lock, does anyone have a feeling for how sensitive the meter is to this kind of handling?

Thanks, Bruce

-- Bruce M. Herman (, August 11, 1999


I'm not sure I follow you.

With my SBC you activate it by pressing and holding the red button. As soon as you let go, the needle stops moving and is "locked" where it is. It only moves again when you press the button. If you wait long enough between readings, it will fall back to the left side of the dial.

Is it possible that you have the meter in "Continuous Reading" mode? If that's the case, then you need to push the red activation button in, as if you were going to take a reading, and then rotate it forward, towards the square icon on the side of the meter, until the white dot on the red button stops. Then release it and you'll be in "non-contiuous" for lack of a better phrase, mode.

Now the needle does float a little bit when it's off but in eight years of lugging mine hither and yon, in canvas backpacks and fiber- board camera cases, from North Africa to Seattle, in airplane overhead bins and in the back of pickup trucks, I haven't managed to damage it. It does have a nice little wallet-like padded case and I would say I pack it securely, but it hasn't given a lick of trouble.

-- Sean yates (, August 11, 1999.


Thanks. The movement that I'm seeing is the floating that you referred to. The extent of the movement is roughly equivalent to what the needle would move for a one stop rotation of the dial, were the meter activated.

I think that my meter is older than yours. I have the old style, rigid leather case. But I think it will do just fine.

Thanks for the information. Bruce

-- Bruce M. Herman (, August 12, 1999.

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