EZ-CD Creator says I need a "default" MPEG Player, yet I have the Xing Player

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EZ-CD Creator says I need a "default" MPEG Player, yet I have the Xing Player. Before I had Windows Media Player 6.0., and that let me put the MPEG clips in the layout, then my system would lock up. I got the Xing Player, and it let me put one clip (from Dazzle which wouldn't work before Windows Media Player, I think), when I got to put my second video clip, it gives me a message saying "An MPEG player has not been detected. You will need to install an MPEG player such as Microsoft's Active Movie to create Video CDs." So then, I was lost, I thought Active Movie was imbeded in Winddows Media Player (6 - 6.2) Then I uninstalled Xing & Media Player 6.0 and installed Active Movie. Then in EZ-Cd Creator, I get the same error message, put I can't put any clips in. Yet with Xing I can put one video clip in and still make a Sucsessful VCD. Thanks in advance for any help! -Charlie

-- Charlie (charlink@radiks.net), August 10, 1999


I had this very same problem. I just got off the phone with Adaptec discussing this. They had me download a patch that might fix it. I'll let you know tomorrow if the patch fixes it. If it does, I'll post the patch publically (Adaptec said this was okay).

In the meantime, you need to uninstall Xing MPEG Player. That was the only solution that worked for me.

Note that EZCD 3.0 doesn't have this problem.


-- Kevin (delgadil@cisco.com), August 10, 1999.

3.5C seems to like Activemovie for the player. You might try this... Go into Explorer and highlite an mpeg file, hit "shift & F10", "open with", and select "Activemovie" IF IT IS NOT in the selections available click "other" then browse to your "startup menu - accesories" and select the "Activemovie" exe. file. When you get back to the main menu select "always use this program for this type of file" at the bottom. Now whenever you try to open any mpeg's Activemovie will be the default player. 3.5C was crashing on us until we figured out that another mpeg player had been set as the default. GOOD LUCK!

-- Holt Sutherland (sve@sunet.net), August 11, 1999.

Thanks for the two answers, I finally got EZ-CD VCD Creator to make a VCD! I uninstalled EZ-CD Creator 3.5 and installed version 3.0, which I can use with the Xing Player. Thanks again! Charlie

-- Charlie (charlink@radiks.net), August 12, 1999.

Alas, the patch that Adaptec gave me was the wrong file altogether, and Adaptec concedes that EZCD Creator Deluxe 3.5 is simply *not compatible* with Xing MPEG Player 3.30. No workaround other than uninstalling Xing.

They claim it's compatible with Xing MPEG Player 2.20, but not with Xing MPEG Player 3.x. Can't verify as I don't have 2.20.


-- Kevin (delgadil@cisco.com), August 13, 1999.

I don't understand the point. I have a trail version of Zing 3.30 (less then 30 days ago retrieved from the internet) and Adaptec ECDC v3.5 b(upgrade from the internet) and all produced VCD are working great with. In my situation it's fully compatible



-- Ab Mantel (mantel_a@compuserve.com), August 15, 1999.

Perhaps it works with 3.5b, but not with 3.5c


-- Kevin (delgadil@cisco.com), August 16, 1999.

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