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I'm looking for a way to use regular CD-R's on the Philips CDR-765? I know the trick of inserting an expensive blank, then pulling the door open manually and replaceing it with a cheap one, but a friend of mime says there is a way to open the machine and solder a connection that will make the machine record on them without going through the manual process. Does anyone have any idea how to do this or know where I can download the schematics.

-- Mike Scott (, August 09, 1999


BAck when I got my Phillips (I got their first model), I found a web site that described the swap trick in detail, plus gave a schematic for a quick soldering fix, which I didn't try, but as I recall, it allowed you to use the Open/Close button instead of manually dragging out the drawer. I've lost the bookmark for this page, and couldn't find it in a quick search, but you might try searching usenet archives at When the Phillips came out, there was a lot of discussion in, and I know I posted the missing url there several times. Good luck! David

-- David Coffin (, August 10, 1999.

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