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Any idea if you can rent DV? If so anywhere in Northeastern PA?

Thansk, Mike

-- miKE (, August 09, 1999


There are several places in Philly, not exactly NE PA but close. I called New York Camera in Lansdale (I think). They had a TVR900 demo that they would rent for $125 for three days. Camera Sound in Philly would rent one for $125 for one day. Call all the camera stores near you and ask if they have one and if they would rent it. Rich P.S. Krause? Any relation W.A.V.E. starlet Tina Krause?

-- Rich (, August 30, 1999.


i live in plymouth meeting pa. I know of a place in philly. that has dv rentals. $125 a day for a vx1000. $125 for 3 days for a trv900 sounds great though.

-- (, August 31, 1999.

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