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Hello, I just purchased the Samson UM1 Wireless System (with Q Mic) to use with my XL-1 via XLR adapter. There are couple of issues that I encountered when I tested it. First of all, the audio comes in the camcorder only on left (or right) channel depends on what XLR input that I pluged the connector to. I thought that it'll be L and R channel audio. How would I make that to be stereo? Secondly, for some reasons, when I shoot outside, even the mic transmitter is off while the receiver is still on, I could still hear the hist in the background. Samson claims that the UM1 produces no hist, no drops out... Anyone experienced this? I'm desparated for help... What the solution for my problems? Do I need a field mixer? Do I need another boom Mike? or Do I need another audio system (wired system, maybe)?? Please, please help!! Thank you very much!

-- Vu Nguyen (, August 09, 1999


(1) Of course it comes in as single audio. That's a good thing. For example, I'll often use UM1 wireless mic w/lav in conjunction with my Sennheiser k6/me66 shotgun. I'm assuming you're going to take your footage into editing at some point, in which case getting a single channel to pan out to stereo should be no problem with most setups.

(2) It's a wireless lav mic that costs under $600... expect some interference. That's one reason why I usually double mic with a shotgun mic. Considering the price, the mic offers pretty good performance. Of course, a wireless lav regardless of quality is never going to be as clean as similar-quality wired one.

-- John

-- John Windmueller (, August 13, 1999.

You could also rewire your configuration. Take the mono wire coming from your receiver and then take off the mono plug that inputs into your camera. Get a stereo mini-plug from an electronics parts store (if its Radio Shack tell them your name is Saddam Hussain or something wild. I like to play games with those Radio Shack people for wanting to invade my privacy. Sometimes I tell them I will give you my name and address if you give me the name, address and home phone number of the CEO of Radio Shack so I can call him at home!), if that is the type that mates to your camera, and solder the single mono wire to both the right and left channels of the new mini-plug. Make sure your ground wire is properly attached. Once you open the plug you it is pretty obvious where to attach the mono wire to the two stereo input contacts. This will give you audio on both channels. Good luck.

PS: I have had a problem with putting mono plugs in stereo receptacles. Often there is never a good connection and the audio cuts out if the wire is moved. Making the alteration that I recommended will make a great connection free of this problem.

-- Jack T. Wordsworth (, February 22, 2001.

I have been using a Samson UHF system for 2 years now, used to use a bulky Audio Technica before that. In my 15 years with VHF and UHF systems I've never had the problems I now have on my tapes. Using a lavalier mike my weddings have the quietest segments exhibiting a dropout in th sound. This is never noticable at higher volume only the vows and quiet sounds are dropping in volume in an intermittent fashion. I can email anyone a MP3 clip where you can easily hear how bad this is. I returned the lavalier to Samson and after 2 attempts got them to send me a new one. It's still there.

Having 2 system I've swapped the mike, swapped the transmiiter, used 2 different receivers, 2 different frequencies, nothing completely clears it. Only if I use a direct guitar cable into the transmitter from like a CD player does it become perfect; but I need to point out that I'm on my third mike that does it. Any thoughts or experiences. In addition to here, please also write direct to:

-- George Dombrowski (, March 03, 2002.

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