SQL in Buttons Part 2

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I asked a question about whether it was possible to put the query in a hyperlink button a few days ago and Eric said that it was. However he said that it was beyond the forums scope. Therefore I was wondering if you would know of any other contacts which could help me with my problem. I am using buttons which have been created in macromedia flash which link to a seperate page displaying the results of the query. Thanks again Matt

-- Anonymous, August 09, 1999



I would go to http://www.macromedia.com, click on the circle by "support" and then click on the circle by "flash" to get to the Macromedia Flash support web pages.

I would also do a DejaNews Power Search at http://www.deja.com/home_ps.shtml using macromedia.* as the forum. You might also try macromedia.flash* as the forum to restrict your search to the macromedia.flash and macromedia.flash.sitedesign usenet news forums.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, August 09, 1999

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