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Does anyone know if Barry is even still around?? Most messages I see from him are from '98, and people were talking about 2.0 version back in January of '98. I guess I am using the latest version...???...

Also, would someone like me to start up a new list that will be cared for? This list is rediculously long and again, much of it is from early 1998 and late 1997. I would care for it a bit better deleting very old threads and keeping it current.

Please respond here or to me directly on either of these matte

-- Gregory D. Swagler (, August 08, 1999


Due to the interest in a new online form, I have created one. If you don't wish to join, that is perfectly ok..just seems this one is dead as far as Barry goes.. I hope I am wrong.

To join, if not already invited, please use this:

Send an e-mail to:

This service is both web and email based. Which makes it quite nice. I hope you enjoy and use it, and I appologize in advance if this offends or upsets anyone. Just trying to do something for the mass of people that seem to like and use/want to use this soft

-- Gregory D. Swagler (, August 08, 1999.

Hi -

I agree that the way the current list looks is very long and tiresome to go through. I think that starting a second list would be good but at the same time I think that keeping the current one in place or at least a full archieve of it would be very helpful for the newbies to this program.... otherwise the same questions that have been asked and answered before will be asked again which will be like starting from scratch - I know that I have looked at old posts from time to time just for ideas of new things to implement...

Well, I think it's a good idea to have a better organized forumn and I'm sure that all would appreciate it. My personal thoughts however are to keep the old one as well. Good luck with it and I will be there to support it 100% Just my two cents worth!


-- BP (, August 08, 1999.


I also agree with bppilot that to start a new forum will dived the people. And with this great forum we have now even though it is long you can find all most any answer or someone to help with a new question. I was on a forum for a auction program I needed for one of my other sites and it was very difficult to navigate. Instead of just one list it had four. And to find the answer to a question or ask a new one where do you go. Someone else tried to start a forum about three months ago and never got it going. If you have a problem to solve let me know but I prefer to stay here. With so many answers that I have posted I feel like I am starting to know the people here.


-- James L. Farmer (, August 09, 1999.

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