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I am a rower from South Australia. I want to study, and I want to row, however, I can't afford to do both here in Australia. I would love to get a scholarship overseas (we don't offer sports scholarships of any kind in Australia). My best time for a 2k erg is 7:19, and for a 6k is 23:39 (I think). I am 20 years old, and have rowed for my state two years in succession. I have also competed and been quite successful in various National races. I can row both sides of a sweep boat, but am not so good in a sculling boat. Does anyone have any information about scholarships in the States, and the cost of living once I'm there?`

-- Judith Sluiter (, August 08, 1999


Judith, Well I am a high school rower from the United States and I am only 17, In order for you to get into a good college to finish your studies you need to be below 6:10 for a good descent school. Well thats if you dont want to pay any money. My current Erg score for a 2k is 6:30 and thats still not good enough to get into the big time schools. Well the only advice i can give you is to row hard,, its all in your heart.. --Thomas

-- Tom Mullins (, December 03, 2000.

HI Judith listen your erg is great for a women that is superb . Guys have to do better because of muscles and body type. Good luck

-- Alexa Pennell (, April 18, 2001.

Hey Judith...I am a rower too and your erg is great for a girl. U should be able to land a scholarship to a big school cause most girls only do 7:30 and get a scholarship. U need to write to the schools to show ur interest and don't listen to the Tom guy b/c u dont need to be under 6:10 not even guys do. My friend got a 5 year scholarship to the University of Miami and another one is going to Brown and his best is 6:17. Good luck

-- cole (, August 09, 2001.

Check out this site, it has a list of US Universities which give scholarships Get into contact with any of those, especially San Diego which was currently looking in April of 2001 to give female rowing scholarships. Any of the Ivy leagues will have financial assistance. Your best bet is to consult a University counsellor in Australia and they should have the American contacts. Write to the Universities which interest you or have your programs and they will gladly send you information free of charge. Your erg score is very good but before any scholarships can be awarded they might want to witness your technical skills and they will want a transcript of your grades. They cost of living is not a set thing, it depends on wether you live on campus and how you live. There are low cost ways to live and there are many international houses. Instead of continuously posting your wuestion, search out the American Universitities, rowing clubs and coaches to aid you.

-- Eleanor Gabrielle (, August 17, 2001.

Judith, this is my first season with crew. But I now a lot about the sport because my sister is very good with her erg score and she is already looking for a university. The universities aren't aloud to send you anything intill you are a senior. But I have never heard that you had to have your time for the 2k under 6:oo or whatever the guy said. With your erg score you may get I full ride. jessica

-- Jessica Leidecker (, November 01, 2001.

Hi! My name is Arta and I'v been in U.S for three years when I came here I heard about rowing crew and i started doing crew since my freshmen year now I just finished my sophtmore year and I'm 16 years old. I don't have the score for the 2k but the score that I did on the 6k this year I think it was 28:00 min, and I hope I decrease the minutes by working out and I am going to do crew two more years and see where it will take me afterwards. Thank You

-- Arta (, June 12, 2002.

hi judith, i'm 17 and have been rowing for 8 years now. I'm currently at college in the UK and i'm also hoping to get a scholarship in america. I'm also loking for any information possible.

-- Alex (, July 02, 2002.

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