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These 14's, I've found out, were recorded with multiple credits... I only used one, but the 14 that tops the US version is a 2-credit game, and the JP version is a 3-credit game! Now, I realize that changing these recordings to just one credit would create similar scores to that of Blockade, Checkmate, Comotion, or Dominos, but I thought we had a rule for only one credit per game?

-- Sports Dude (, August 07, 1999


Sports Dude, I have one of those 14's, so I know who you are referring to... The game is designed as such, to advance to the next level, you need to place another credit in the machine... No 2nd credit means you only play level one. Unlike others, I quit as soon as I don't win. That's why I consider mine legit.

-- Chris Parsley (, August 07, 1999.

I think eventually we're going to have to settle exactly what MARpers should be trying to achieve on sports games for MAME. Single game, single period, or single credit? Anyone have any feelings on this? Under current rulings, I agree with Sportsdude...the recordings should be deleted.

-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 07, 1999.

I never said I'd ban them Q.T... In fact, I'd actually be in favor of them in some games. Not only does this apply in TouchDown Fever, the beta 2 addition Relief Pitcher runs on a similar credit system, to continue to the next level in Reliever mode, you had to insert a credit. I wouldn't favor this in normal mode, but I would in Relief mode. I think though we should talk about to Zwaxy about this... I know it's about one-credit stuff here but some games aren't that good in one credit. =)

-- Sports Dude (, August 08, 1999.

Two points, One, it is necessary to multi-coin to play the game until you die. It would be like the same thing if you were playing 10 yard fight on a machine that required you to credit in to go from High School to College to Pro. There is no cheating about it, that's how that game is. Two, Relief pitcher is now MAMEable??? WHERE!?! WHEN!?! HOW!?! I loved that game!

-- Chris Parsley (, August 08, 1999.

While I've always said that all games should be one credit only (with the exception of games like Galaga where higher scores can only be properly displayed on a 2-player game), I'm starting to think that maybe sports games should have some custom rules for MARP recordings.

The problem is, what is determined for each one? I'm guessing that most games will adhere to the rule of using as many credits as needed to play a full game, and whatever your "score" is, whether you win or lose, that's what you put in as your score. The only problem is the golf games...

I did like what was done with 2020 Super Baseball though, but games with a scoring system outside of the regular value aren't that common :)

-- BBH (, August 09, 1999.

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