History of Monetta, SC depot

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In 1975, prior to demolition, the train depot from Monetta, SC, was moved appoximately three miles to Ridge Spring, SC, to a farm which we recently purchased. Monetta is on the main line between Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC. We would appreciate any help in locating information or sources of information on the history and/or pictures of the depot while it was in use.

-- Jeff Jameson (jdjameson@aikenelectric.net), August 06, 1999


My maiden name was Monetta. My father was born in Poland to Anastaia and Paul Monetta. Have you heard of any of these people. It would be interesting to find out how your family ended up in the U.S. and us in Canada.

-- Maureen Marcinkow (tbmarcin@mts.net), May 06, 2004.

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