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Can someone confirm Clay's Arkanoid 2 recording for me? He's claiming an extreme amount of points from Round 5, but my replays put him at sub 100000 every time. I'm not making any accusations, since I'm using MAME32 to replay, and not MAMEb1, but his input played back correctly for all I could tell on my version, just with a lot less points. Is this a beta update glitch, or what's going on? I'm assuming the trick used is to get the 'N' powerup and trap the balls at the top of the screen. Someone please contact me about the validity of the recording and the trick used, please. Thanx for your time.

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), August 06, 1999


I haven't replayed his inp file, but it is possible to get that type of score on one of the early rounds. The round with the deadend columns.

If you get one of the powerups that has the reoccuring 3 balls AND you get that ball to the top section, you can rack up a pretty high score by letting the balls that fall down the side go by and the other ball(s) will respawn at the top killing the dodads up there.

-- Dave Kaupp (info@kaupp.cx), August 06, 1999.

He did do exactly what Dave was suggesting - on round 5 specifically. Actually he made it to round 6 on the game but that's neither here nor there.

Is this a possible technique to ban ?!

Perhaps it should be......


-- beejay (bjohnstone@cardinal.co.nz), August 06, 1999.

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