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Where can I find interior and exterior shots of the various series of ACL A-15 and A-16 coaches, especially those rebuilt for the 1939 Vacationer and the 1950-54 Emerson shops rebuilds. I am also interested in interior shots of the cafe lounges Augusta and Goldsboro.

Traveling on a pass in the 1960's, I rode the ACL Havana Special numerous times and rode in the A-15 and A-16 cars.

Similarly, are interior shots available of the 1952 Portsmouth shops rebuilds of the SAL 817-822 series cars available?

One note-Larry Goolsby did an excellent job on the ACL Passenger service book!!!

Is the CJ Wyatt the same as Chuck Wyatts Heirloom Tomatoes? If so, then it is a good season here for Hillbillies!

-- Michael W. Savchak (, August 05, 1999


Michael, Thanks for your kind words on my book. I can help with some of the photos you mentioned, but make no promises as to how soon. Send me an e mail off list for details. I am not aware of any interior shots of the SAL cars; perhaps someone else can help there. Larry

-- Larry Goolsby (, August 05, 1999.

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