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Hello, I am in Australia, and the season final has just aired here. Could you tell me when the new episodes are expected back on American TV, and also when they will be posted on this website? Thank you very much, Kelly.

-- Kelly Glynn (, August 05, 1999


Website posts I cannot say, but the fall season on most shows is supposed to start right around the third week of September- putting ER's season premiere on either Sept. 23rd or 30th.

-- Chris A. (, August 05, 1999.

The premiere will be on September 30th and a week before that, Sept. 23rd, NBC will air Third Watch in ER's timeslot. Anyway, five stars are joining the ER cast next season. Ming-Na returns as Deb Chen to cause tension on the show, Paul McCrane is promoted to a regular cast member, Goran Vinsjic plays Dr. Luka Kovac, a second-year resident working part-time shifts through an employment agency, Michael Michele plays Dr. Cleo Finch, a third-generation doctor in emergency medicine and pediatric (sounds like Anna to me), and Maura Tierney plays an ICU nurse transferred to the ER. Rebecca DeMornay guest stars as Elaine Nichols, Carter's new romantic interest and the former wife of one of his older's cousins. Alan Alda guest stars as Dr. Ted Lawrence, an attending who was Kerry's mentor in medical school.

-- Bang Tang (, August 07, 1999.

Yes, the premiere date is September 30, and the summary and review will be up, as usual, a day or two later.


-- Phyl (, September 18, 1999.

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