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What should I use to record sound, other than the internal mic of the DV camera? What about DAT recorders? Any advice on mics to buy? Also how does the sound sync with the video if you are using a DAT recorder?

-- Dennis Tzeng (, August 05, 1999


All you ever wanted to know about audio for DV and details on each type of mic, can be found at ( They even have a special section on audio for camcorders (see sales).

I bought one of their special XLR to miniplug adaptors and a AudioTechnica short shotgun mic. The results were amazing with my VX-1000.

I wouldn't go with a DAT unless you really want to spend a lot of time with synch in post (don't forget DV doesn't really have frame accurate timecode... besides I don't think there's much difference between good DV audio and DAT... put your money in good mics.

For interviews and docs, the BBC uses a wireless lavalier on their subject with a short shotgun on the other channel... n

-- kalunga (, August 08, 1999.

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