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Let me start by saying, this script is fantastic! I have never tried anything in perl before until this, and after about 30 hours of staring at it, I am starting to learn perl.

My question is this: I have a merchant account that uses I need people to be able to shop, fill out some information in the order.html and then, instead of going to the script again, they have to be forwarded with information being passed to the secure server at to fill in their cc information. The information that must be passed to is:

I am wanting to use the orderid that is created in the script as the invoice number. I need to make a customer id somehow also.

Can someone please tell me how to get the total amount after everything, the orderid (invoice), make a customer id, and get the name and descriptions (made into a nice format) to forward to I am guessing this will require some heavy duty script modifications as I will not need to mail a receipt or order, and once they have had their cc accepted via they will be returned to the script, and the script will have to know their order was processed for tracking purposes.

I already changed the post address in the order.html to the correct addy for, but can't seem to get the info I need to get sent their.

Is all this possible, and if not, can it be a feature added for those of us that utilize merchant accounts for online processing? Please contact me if I was not clear enough on what I need.


-- Gregory D. Swagler (, August 05, 1999


Oh, and I did find the script for redicart. Not knowing Perl that well, I am not able to determine exactly what changes need to be made, or how to write a new script like that myself.

I am affraid I may be forced to purchase a store elsewhere as this is costing me money not being able to put my store online. I seriously do NOT wish to do this.

All help from any perl guru's will be greatly appreciated and properly noted on our web

-- Gregory D. Swagler (, August 05, 1999.

I have the same situation. I have looked at diferent options and now am trying to modify the script. I will check back and post what I figure out.

Patrick Ermis Cyberbyte Computers

-- Patrick Ermis (, January 07, 2000.

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