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I am building a model in HO scale of the FL Special and I undersstand that the Pennsy used Budd built 10-6 sleepers in the train as well as other ACL and SCL Florida Streamliners. My question is how where the letterboards done in what color and did they carry the "Pennsy" Name on the letterboards? THe train is being modeled 1947-1950.

-- Loren Johnson (, August 05, 1999


For the period you are trying to model, there were no Pennsy Budd built 10-6 sleepers assigned to the Fla Special. Pennsy had very few Budd built 10-6 sleepers. To the best of my knowledge, the only Pennsy 10-6 Budd Slleepers were a series constructed for use on the SAL trains and one car for the California Zephyr. The 10-6 sleepers which were assigned to ACL trains were built by Pullman Standard and carried names of counties,i.e. Baltimore County. When delivered, they had a purple letterboard. I rode in the Baltimore County in 1960 aboard the Havana Special from N.Y. to Miami. Of course in later years, one could find anything on a Florida train. Sleepers constructed for use on the Southern (River series), the SAL, L&N, N&W, as well as units constructed for Pennsy's own trains.

Thus the answer to your question is to model the Florida Special circa 1950, a Pennsy 10-6 built for use on the ACL would be a Pullman Standard car with a Purple letterboard.

-- Mike Savchak (, August 05, 1999.

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