3 AUDIO source inputs are possible w/ the XL-1

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You can use the stock shotgun and also add two other mic sources for a total of three audio sources all at once, here's how.

1.In the menu select "12 bit ST-1,2" 2.Then scrowl down to AUDIO 2, select "MIC" (AUDIO 1 should be blank) 3.Now open the audio door on the side of the xl-1, where you see the AUDIO 1/MIC panel, under INPUT SELECT switch it to "MIC".

*note: AUDIO 1/mic PANEL CONTROLS THE onboard shotgun. AUDIO 2/MIC panel controls the two mic inputs (the left is one mic, the right is the other)

It doesn't matter if the inputs are XLR from the MA_100 option or RCA....just make sure you plug the RCA inputs in THE TWO AUDIO INPUTS LOCATED ON THE HANDLE OF THE XL-1. Make sure you switch your audio monitor display to 1, 2, or mix to monitor your audio. That's it...you have 3 mics all at once!

-- Chris (csnj@hotmail.com), August 01, 1999

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