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Thanks for all the wonderful responses I still am having trouble with the most elemental of issues. Since I am using Frontpage program I was told by my Frontpage mentor to make sure I created a directory for the S-mart to go into. (FTP can mess up the FP extensions) I did and named the folder S-mart. Should I have named it S-Mart? DOes that make a diffrence and should I have put it in a specific place like in my cgi directory? If anyone wants to look Thanks, Penny

-- Penny (, August 01, 1999



It does not make a difference what you call your directories. It is a good idea to make a directory for the s-mart script and any files for s-mart keep in that directory or a sub directory of that directory. Set the permission for all directories to 777.


-- James L. Farmer (, August 01, 1999.

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