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My question is:

I want to change over to non-linear editing in my computer. I can afford a decent firewire card and enough drive space to get me going. What I can't afford is an XL-1. While I save for THAT CAMERA, I still would like to do some projects utilizing digital non-linear.

I now shoot projects with a Canon L-2. Does anyone know how much worse the picture would be than say a high end digital camera if I simply converted the output to digital using a Sony analog to digital converter?

This way I could get into digital now (without waiting to get a camera)--but I wonder how degraded the Hi8 picture will be after it's converted. The resolution isn't a whole lot different than a digital, but I'm wondering if even that little difference shows up like a sore thumb...

Can someone assist me?

My projects would be along the lines of 1/2 hour to 90 minute features for entrance to festivals.

If I take that digital output from the system onto another dv format or BetaSP --how would that look?

What would a blow up to 35mm look like? I understand the video footage in The Blair Witch Project was a one chip consumer Hi8 and the steadier images didn't look too bad..

Any thoughts? Answers?

Thanks! You guys are the experts!


-- Harv Ponda (, August 01, 1999


I would check out Canopus firewire cards. I have a Rex-M1 and it takes both analogue and digital (DV or DVCAM) and keeps everything in DV. Then you can edit with Premiere, MSP, or Rex Edit. You could also use a Canopus Raptor card and a Sony Digital converter and end up with similar results. There will be a Real Time add on to the Rex next month. Check out the Canopus web site ( and the user groups for more information. These cards are STABLE! The Rex also has a component out option for BetaSP. I hope that helps:) Jim

-- Jim Bridge (, September 01, 1999.

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