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Iam going through my back issues looking for an article on how to make yellow jacket traps. I have it in my minds eye that the article appeared within the last eighteen months in Countryside Magazine. I have yet to locate it.Wrong year,decade or magazine? wz

-- wayne zabloski (, August 01, 1999


It may have been in an old Countryside (most everything is!!), but it also is in the brand new issue of Organic Gardening. It tells how to make the container and a couple of recipes for the sweet stuff inside.

-- Bonnie (, August 18, 1999.

Please bait your trap with meat so you do not also kill beneficials such as bees. Inch or inch and one half holes in side of plastic gallon. Hang scrap of meat from wire through top of jug. Put 2-3 inches of water with something to break surface tension (soap etc) in bottom. Hang bottle upwind of area to be protected.

-- Kendy Sawyer (, September 10, 1999.

I have found that fish is the ultimate bait for yellow jackets. In fact, you can hang a fillet over a bucket of water and the little buggers will eat so much they can't fly and will fall into the bucket and drown! Better bet is to use fish as bait, and it doesn't make much difference what you use. Any fresh caught fish, SKINNED so they can get to the flesh, will work.

-- Brad Traver (, January 20, 2000.

I live in salmon country. I've never seen anything like the feeding frenzy those little shits get into when we have scraps of salmon or salmon skin. I started swatting them with a fly swatter one time, when they were swarming all over a piece of aluminum foil which we'd cooked the fish on.

I finally got grossed out after swattinng them five or ten at a time for a few minutes, and went in the house. And I NEVER have had any mercy for those mean little shits. NEVER. I've stepped on their nests in the ground when I used to work in the woods, gotten stung ten or twenty times, been chase by swarms of them, and been stung for doing nothing worse than existing.

As you may have noticed, I have this thing about yellow jackets.

Oh, don't ever hurt a bald faced hornet. I know they sting about five times as hard as a yellow jacket, but they EAT the little shits. Sometime, if you get the chance, watch when a yellow jacket and a bald faced hornet get into it. The wrestle around in my cat food dish, stinging each other as rapidly as possible. Then they fly away, with the hornet on top. The hornet proceeds to hang from one rear foot from a nearby twig. The hornet then calmly proceeds to pull off the legs, wings and head of the yellow jacket, then eats the thorax and abdomen. Meanwhile, yours truly is calmly shouting, "kill the little shit! Make him SUFFER"

-- jumpoff joe (, January 20, 2000.

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