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Subject says it all. Have browsed a lot of messages but found no answer. I want to play my VCDs on my DVD-player...

-- Torsten Kracke (, July 31, 1999


you need to convert the mpegs from .dat to actual .mpg files. if you just take the video from the CD and name it to .mpg, it's still a .dat file. the only program i've found for this is vcdgear (there isn't really a home page, you'll have to search around on IRC to get the program). from the DOS prompt, type "vcdgear -dat2mpg .dat .mpg" use the new .mpg file you created and open easy VCD creator. close the wizard, drag and drop the .mpg file into the layout, then drop it into the sequence, then create the CD.

-- Michael Gilbert (, August 28, 1999.

I burned dozens of VCDs with Dazzle and Adaptec 3.5, then after win98 upgrade EZCD would put the files in the segment dir and create a 1 track vcd. this will still play in my sony dvd, but won't repeat. the old VCDs i burned with win95 have 2 tracks and WILL repeat in my sony DVD player. I needed VCDs that repeat, so hereis how I solved on my system....: find win95 verrsion of activemovie and install it. after install uncompresses files it will inform you that you are trying to install an older version, DON'T click OK, instead, go to the windows/temp directory and find the temp directory with activemovie files in it. there is a file called amremove.exe, execute it to uninstall activemovie. click OK on the old version message, and again install the old version of activemovie. you should now b able to burn a 2 track VCD. it worked for me, but screwed up dazzle capture. to fix this, reinstall 'directx media 6.x' from the dazzle cd. I have to redo these steps every time i do capture and make a VCD, but it works!!!

-- joeman (, March 13, 2000.

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