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Hello, I am in way over my head with the learning curve on figuring out the installlion of the S-mart shopping cart. The read me file assumes that I have more expieriance than I actually have at this time. I know that I can learn how to make it work but I need some more basic details. I have been using FrontPage to make my websites and have not even had to use FTP since I started using FP. ( I know that FP is kind of like cheating to you HTML and CGI gurus :-) Here is some of the things I need help with: 1)I do not know exactly how to set my permissions. Using FTP Control program it gives me the options of setting the CHMOD settings. Do I do that on each file..or the folder( directory) Do I set it for 775? 2) Is the database just text or can I import it from a database like Excel? 3) I am really unclear about the whole process of setting it up. Is there a primer site Like cgi for dummies that I go look at to get some more knowledge on this? Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can throw my way. Penny

-- Penny (, July 31, 1999



In the "Readme" file it has the setting you have to set each directory and each file.

2. Set these permissions: a. telnet to your server (i.e. telnet b. go to the directory were you uploaded the files from step 1. c. use the UNIX command 'chmod' the set permissions. d. chmod 755 *.cgi ; chmod 755 *.lib e. If you are using CGIWrap, or Apache with SetUID then you may not need to do this. f. chmod 777 demo.db g. chmod 755 *.html

Set all directories to 777


-- James L. Farmer (, July 31, 1999.

If you do not mind there are still some questions that I have: 1) I have been surfing around and I came across a script called Redi cart at It seems to use the same script as S-mart or a derivative of but their readme file is better done. However, I am concerned that it does look slightly different and I do not see any mention of search or how the database fields should be. Does anyone know anything about it? 2)I am not familer with telenet.. Can't I just use my ftp program FTP control or FTP Voyager? 3)Creation of the database.... Is the database just text or can I import it from a database like Excel? There will be hundreds of items since it is for a specialty bookstore. Thanks, Penny

-- Penny (, July 31, 1999.

I've been using and customizing S-Mart for over two years, and using the iTransact version for over one year. Esentially the shopping cart functions the same. The script can be used with a database or with static product pages. The main difference (and it's a big one) is that there is no "order.html" file. The form is built into the script itself...meaning that you have to edit the script if you want the form different.

The next big difference...and this limits who can use that the script is built to use iTransact's processing server to process the credit card. You can't just disable this feature. You have to go in and make major mods to alter this. It would be easier to just modify the original S-Mart script than the iTransact version.

Now, if you like S-Mart, and need a real-time online credit card processing merchant account, then iTransact is a great way to go. I have had very few problems with them over the last year. If anyone is interested, you can check them out at . Please mention that Todd Miller of the DL Group sent you (they give referral fees).

Todd Miller Atrios Systems Research

-- Todd Miller (, August 01, 1999.

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