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For some strange reason, if I try to make a VCD with Adaptec's VCD Creator 3.5c, and have Xing's MPEG Player 3.30 on my system, I get some weird behavior:

I can add one MPEG file into the VCD playlist. When I try to add a second MPEG file, I get the following error and cannot continue: "An MPEG player has not been detected. You will need to install an MPEG player such as Microsoft's Active Movie to create Video CDs"

Note that when I uninstall Xing MPEG Player, this problem goes away. This problem does not appear with VCD Creator 3.0.

2 questions: a) How can I get around this bug? I like Xing's MPEG Player. b) Is there any reason I should be using 3.5c? Anything significantly better about 3.5c than 3.0? I figure the latest version is the best...

Thanks, Kevin

-- Kevin (, July 30, 1999


Try this: - when you're loading the movie, as soon as the OK button is available, click it without having a frame of the movie displayed - go down to 256 colors display setting.

FYI, it's a Xing-related problem. Doesn't happen with ATI video card and ATI video player.

-- a.bazan (, July 31, 1999.

XING MPG PLAYER is not compatible with EZ CD MAKER. at least not in this millenium!!!!... this thing of turning down the display to 256 colors didn't work for me....I had to remove the XING player and set the ACTIVE MOVIE as my default MCI mpg player.... DONT ASK ME HOW I DID IT ... I moved so many settings that i really dont know which ones actually worked.... You may ask this in the forum to see if someone has the right path to do it GOOD LUCK.... I have been able to complete the set up procedure but Im worried about this thing that EZ CD places the MPG Files in the wrong folder. causing it to not be able to be played on a normal DVD player.

-- carlos moreno (, October 10, 1999.

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