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I've offered Valerian, good sheets, and obliquely referenced putting whatever it takes over the windows. I also swear by my Comfort Cloud (As Seen On TV!) pillow, my 5' long body pillow, and beds as big as you can possibly manage.

What do you need for good sleep?

-- Never (, July 30, 1999


After a warm bath I slip into my bed that has a downs comforter under the sheets and over the egg crate thingy... but I couldn't live without a xanax about 1/2 hour before bed.*grin* "Better living through chemicals." Oh the Kava Kava will keep you up.

-- Alice (, July 30, 1999.

I get insomnia from time to time. Unfortunately, valerian always gives me nightmares. Anything OTC, and I can't wake up the next morning in time for work. The only solutions that work for me are: a couple drops of violet essential oil on my pillowcase, or - I kid you not - a cd of humpback whales singing. Maybe I was aquatic in a past life or something, but I swear - it works for me every time.

-- Shonen (, July 30, 1999.

Tons of comforters,having no sox or lights on.I have to have the door closed,cause i can't help knowing that people are up and doing stuff just outside my door.I have to be in comfortable pj's,not sleeping in my clothes.(unless it was a really goodnight,and i'm exhausted so when i wake up i can look at what i'm wearing and remember it all over again.)I also usually fall asleep to Life is Peachy-KoRn,Or te last 4 songs to Tidal Wave-Fiona Apple.Um,i sleep alot,that's why this is so detailed..heh.

-- ashly (, November 28, 1999.

Three pillows, two dogs, a magazine and Handel or Mozart. And to go along with the "what are you wierd about?" the blankets have to be nice and neat. If they're not, I have to fix them or I'll be too annoyed to sleep.

-- Janelle (, December 02, 1999.

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