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I'm glad to see and read all your questions and ansvers about photography. Many of them helps me to understand some things. Now I have some. Here we go:

How to measure light with TTL camera? (I have Minolta X-300, with five lenses) Do I use telephoto lenses with my camera as spotmeter?

I want to by lightmeter. What type to by? spot or incident light meter? sugesst me a low budget one.

Sugest me a good developer for soft developing from ILFORD or KODAK developers. I use ilford BW films most. Last year I use handmade developer with excelent results. (This developer can provide about 10 to 15 f-stops.)


-- isidor stankov (istankov@cg.yu), July 30, 1999


1) I suppose your question on how to measure light with a TTL meter aims at measuring incident light rather than reflected light. (Reflected light is easy: Aim and read.) You can sort of measure incident light by placing a Kodak Gray Card at the position of your subject and measure that Gray Card. Make sure that it fills your viewfinder completely.

2) The type of meter you buy depends on what you want to do. For detailed measuring, a spot meter is a great thing, but you must acquire some theoretical background, or you will be badly disappointed. Also, spot meters are not usually very sensitive, i.e. if you measure in dark rooms (churches and the like) often, the spot meter will not indicate anything. For such purposes, you need a sensitive meter, such as one of the high-performance Gossen models. If you want to measure flash, too, make sure, the meter you select has this feature.

3) If your hand-made developer is fine, stick with it.

-- Thomas Wollstein (thomas_wollstein@web.de), August 02, 1999.

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