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Anybody has used Ilford's ILFOTEC DD-X film developer, yet? Please share your results, opinions, etc., especially with Ilford's Delta films.

Also, where to buy it in Northwest. I'm still unable to find it in Seattle, WA.

Thank you.

-- Jiri Dvorak (, July 30, 1999


I was told that DD-X is a liquid form of Perceptol. It is supposed to be used with Delta 3200. It wasn't available at B&H as of a couple of weeks ago. Harvey

-- Harvey Augenbraun (, July 30, 1999.

Last I've heard is that DD-X will be available in the US sometime in September. Nothing like promoting a product months in advance; this is just about as bad as the software business.

-- John Hicks / John's Camera Shop (, July 31, 1999.


I just got back from a trip to India and foolishly abandoned my normal developers to use DDX on Delta 400 (120), it might be my technique but I've found it to produce extremely grainy results that aren't particularly sharp. I normally would have used FX39 which would have been better. I now wish I had taken XP2 and saved myself the bother of developing.

I was going to try perceptol on Delta 100 & 400 but if it is the same as DDX I won't bother.


-- Tapas Maiti (, November 04, 1999.

In my experience DD-X performs identically to Microphen; that is, about 1/3 to 2/3 stop more speed, very sharp and significantly grainier than Xtol, D-76 etc.

-- John Hicks (, November 04, 1999.

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