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thanks James L. Farmer for your hints in this matter. I did what you told me but it still doesn't work. What makes me thinking is, that I get the message twice, so it shows like this: NO RECIPIENT ADRESSES FOUND IN HEADER.NO RECIPIENT ADDRESSES FOUND IN HEADER

Is it possible that I made a mistake within the script. There is an area that says: # Create two associative arrays here.... Also determine required fields and: if ($name eq 'bgcolor'|| etc. Do I have to change things here? Hope somebody can help me.


-- Holger (, July 30, 1999



The same thing in the "order.html" happens in the "demoheader.html" and the "demofooter.html". If you used a custom "html" editor it adds in extra tags. In the "demoheader.html" use a text editor and remove the /body /html tags and any other extra tags that are there at the bottom of the file only.

In the "demofooter.html" remove the html body meta tags and any other tags that are there at the top of the file only.

Set you permissions every time you edit or upload a file.


-- James L. Farmer (, July 31, 1999.

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