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on my shopping cart page, when I push Purchase I am sent to a seach page on my smart.cgi file? like I am ordering from a dir. Would this have anything to do with a Https:// instead of Http:// I have spent about three hours looking for my mistake, but can not see it. Of course I found plenty of other mistakes I made. and thanks to Jim, I fixed a few. anyone who can help can look at my web site, the cart page. Thanks again

-- Dave (, July 29, 1999


Notice closely the spelling of "command" in your link below:

Because it is spelled wrong, the script is ignoring it and sending you back to the default page. Just add the "n" in "command" and you will be fixed.

Also looks like you have a problem with your "order.html" page, because using the correct "buy2" link did not display the order form for me. Make sure it is there and set up correctly.

Todd Atrios Systems Research

-- Todd Miller (, July 29, 1999.

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