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Hello Eric,

I have a question regarding Backup and Restore on SQl 6.5.

Presently, I am making a full backup copy of my database. Is it possible, I automaticaly load this backup copy (Restore) in the stand-by machine? I mean, No human intervention in the restore copy of the database on the stand-by server.

Is it possible? If so, What steps I need to take..

Please advice.

Thank you for your help.


-- Anonymous, July 29, 1999



Sure. Just schedule the dump of your database (to a tape or disk reachable by the stand-by machine) and schedule the restore to begin on the stand-by after the database dump from the production database has completed. (In practice this will probably mean that you "guarantee" this by allowing a generous time lag.) To be thorough you should have the scheduled tasks send you email if the backup or restore fail or the backup does not complete on time.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, July 29, 1999

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