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is PAL that much better than NTSC? was "The Cruise" shot on a pal vx1000 or ntsc? Are ntsc trannsferd pictures not good enough in the long run compared to a film shot on PAL? pleas ;)

-- aaron C. (, July 29, 1999


The Cruise was shot on ntsc. PAL at 25 fps is closer to films 24 fps, in fact when transferred to 35mm, its transferred frame to frame, and a 4% decrease results, but it's so small its not noticeable. NTSC uses 30fps, so every fifth frame is discarded in the transfer to film process, which can lead to a 'stuttering' effect in scenes with motion. PAL has a little better resolution, but it's not a big factor.


-- win edson (, November 26, 1999.

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