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So, here we go! If you are a lover of b/w photography, the please feel free to visit: ----------------------------------------------------- http://www.floyd-celluloyd.de ----------------------------------------------------- and tell me what you think about it, alright? Let4s go!

-- holger reuss (floyd@floyd-celluloyd.de), July 29, 1999


I just love the name Floyd Celluloyd and had to check this one out. The Java is a little overdone. The photography is very stylish and would look great in a fashion magazine. Lot's of cool pics of reggea musicians.

One problem was that I could scroll to the right and see the next pictures but couldn't scroll back to the left.....????

Anyway this one is C.O.O.L. man.

-- David Cammack (97218@hevanet.com), December 12, 1999.

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