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Do any of you know what the external mic situation is w/ the Sony TRV 900? How is the sound, can you control the level and can you attach a MIC that uses an XLR cable ( I own a Senheiser shotgun mic that I wish to use).

Also, any idea where I cna get the best price, or if and when it will go down.

Thanks, Mike

-- Mike (, July 28, 1999


I use a sennheiser MKE 300, and yes you can control the level, as you can with the onboard mike. There is no balanced input and as far as I know no adapter made by sony, but you should be able to make something up - XLR to minijack.....

-- Barry Hannah (, September 29, 1999.

You need an XLR adaptor, such as the Beachtek or the XLRPro from Studio One. Each has transformers for two XLR mikes, levels for each input, a stereo/mono switch ( to feed one mike to both inputs or two mikes to each input) and mike/line switches. They attach to the bottom of the camera (if you fail to attach them, you'll have ground problems) and have sockets for tripod mounting. Using either of these, you should have excellent results.

-- Richard A. Schlesinger (, September 30, 1999.

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