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I hope someone can help me. I have an old Mac Plus that is in very good condition. My problem is... I would like to learn more about this machine only all I can get out of it is a floppy disk with an X in it. I've never had a Mac before and I assume that it is asking for a boot disk. Can anyone enlighten me?

-- Bernie Gapinski (, July 28, 1999


you need to load system software. Do you have a hard disk? If not then you should use an OS 6x version (smaller in size) This will tell the machine how to operate and will get rid of the x

-- craig cannon (, September 05, 1999.

Can you tell me where to find this system?

-- Bernie Gapinski (, September 11, 1999.

To run a Mac Plus you need to boot off of a floppy. Also its probably an 800K floppy drive unless it was upgraded so you may have trouble finding replacements. You can (or used to be able) down load old version of the OS from It uses a SCSI drive so if you should be able to use a small hard disk (I think the address range is limited to a couple GIG so stick with cheap one 100Meg or so) Push comes to shove, let me know and I can email you a disk image for a bootable disk as I haveOS disk going back to 1.0

-- Jamie Ross (, December 27, 1999.

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