FlashPix: flourishing or dying?

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I am just curious as to the state of the FlashPix image format. I don't know if DIG is doing a pretty job promoting it as THE standard of networked imaging but it seems like there are not that many applications that support FlashPix. Is FlashPix going the way of the dodo, as one marketing guy from a big imaging firm states? What are your comments regarding this? Or is it because DIG is pushing for JPEG2000 to incorporate the features of FlashPix that makes it worthwhile to sit back and wait for the JPEG2000 to be released to the public and simply forget about FlashPix? Or is it because Kodak dumped its FlashPix CD, which did not "click" with the public?

Your comments are welcome.

-- Rommel Feria (r.p.feria@ieee.org), July 28, 1999


go to seybold. If you still think Flashpix is dead, I'll eat my shoe. Actually, I'll barbecue it first and then I'll eat it.

-- Adam Freeman (adamgf@earthlink.net), July 29, 1999.

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