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Okay, I wasn't there in Durham that night. I heard that someoe got shot, a couple of people got stuff stolen from them and some kid fell off the first level of the parking deck? Is this all true? And if so, has it all gone too far?

-- Anonymous, July 27, 1999


I was at the palace on the 23 and here's what happened. Yes someone got shot, somepeople got some stuff stolen from them (one of my friends) some guy jumped in front of a truck and got killed, some chick got her hair caught in a fan and it cracked her head open, yes someone fell off the parking deck(i think he jumped because right before that i saw him and he look pretty freaked out paceing and mumbling to himself)and i think that was about it.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 1999

Someone was shot, but that was at a different club a few blocks over, that wasn't at "Fourever". Some guy did get his hair caught in a fan, someone else walked up to a policeman and said he was tripping and got carted off. And yes, some guy did repeatedly run into a mail truck or UPS truck and I think got some head trauma, but didn't die. Sadly, somebody did OD on the parking deck. That's all that I heard happened.

-dan mccarley sonic boom

-- Anonymous, August 23, 1999

Nobody got shot....i know that for sure....i didn't hear about the guy overdosing in the parking deck though...but i do know that the guy ran out in front of the truck because of some liquid A and someone got their hair caught in the fan.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

some thugs or g's were also play hit tha raver w/a car and some "kid" got hit by tha car walking across tha street from tha party..

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2003

ONLY Losers go to Raves.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2004

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