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Want to try Ilford 3200. Want to set ISO at 1250. Shall I process at 1250 or normally? What can I expect from both? Usually shoot animals. Thanks kwd

-- Kenneth Duke (, July 26, 1999


That depends on what you expose for. In their product data sheet, Ilford stress that the speed given for their films is a practical one, not the actual ISO speed. I guess that means the EI of 3200 is fine if you expose for the mid tones (grey card, skin etc.). I remember having read somewhere that the actual speed of Ilford Delta 3200 lies around ISO 1000. So if you care for shadow detail, you should not take the 3200 at face value. The best idea would be to run a test yourself. That would not only give you certainty, it would also account for your personal habit of developing and for any bias of your meter.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, July 27, 1999.

I have measured the ISO speed of Delta 3200 to be 800. My methods are not highly rigorous, and I can't disagree with those that say it is 1000.

I get this speed with T-Max developer, 1+4, 24 deg C, 9.5 mins. If I wanted to push it by 2/3 stop, I don't know how much extra development it would need, but I might try 12 mins.

I haven't experimented much pushing with this film, because I don't need it and I don't like the results.

-- Alan Gibson (, July 27, 1999.

I have just shot 20 rolls of D3200 at two jazz festivals using available stage lighting. I rated the film at 1200 and developed 7 minutes in TMax 1:4 at 20 deg. C. I got excellent results - with good highlights and shadow detail - every bit as good as TMZ. I am interested in other users' experiences with this film.

-- John R. Fowler (, July 27, 1999.

I shoot it at 800 and develop in PMK with excellent results--the medium format version gives results as good or better than Tri-X in 35mm. Developing times in PMK are available on my site at

-- Ed Buffaloe (, July 27, 1999.


I am a newcomer to B&W, but after extensive experimentation with Delta 3200, I have come to love it. I found that EI1250-1600 develops well in Xtol 1:1 15'@75 degrees. your water may vary. for whatever reason, I love the negatives because they scan much better than the other films that I have tried. my initial results with Delta 3200 were disappointing, using the Ilford recommended processing times for ID-11. much better in Xtol, and this latest roll is shot at EI3200 and Xtol 1:2 20'@75 degrees. I love the texturing, and the look I get with my 12x18 prints.

-- Daniel Taylor (, July 27, 1999.

shot 10 rolls of 120 3200 delta last week. Tested at 800,1250,1600,3200,6400,12.5k and 25.k in tmax RS. 800 to 1250 is close to the actual speed I devleoped it in tmax rs 1:1 for 6 minutes @ 75f. Looks like tri-x! The film does very well up to 6400 but I recommend not diluting above that point. You may fall asleep during the developer cycle! I can't wait until someone finds me a combo for 3200 delta pushed to 12.5k and 25.k heee.... or I cling to the hope that DDX works better than tmax rs for the push!

-- trib (, July 27, 1999.

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