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okay, here's the deal, I am unable to play a vcd that i burned using astarte mpack, and adaptec toast, my dvd player says that it is capable of playing vcd's, and i haven't been able to get one to work..does anyone know the definitive way to do this? (programs to use, settings in said programs, etc) any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

-- Jeff Ver (, July 26, 1999


First make sure your dvd player has dual discrete optical focus which means it will play CDR's. I am using M. Pack and Adaptec Toast to burn video cd's to play on my Sony DVP-S300. The only problem I have had is occasionally the video cd will pause while playing on my dvd player. I am new at burning video cd's so I don't know if my settings are wrong or what. If anyone has any answers I would appreciat

-- Todd Manning (, September 15, 1999.

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