Want copy of original Gainer article re: Phenidone & Vit. C

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In hunting down Phenidone/ascorbic acid developers, I have found that the original article was written by Patrick Gainer in the Nov/Dec 1994 issue of "Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques." The publisher has informed me that they are out of back issues of that issue. Although I found the Gainer's formula elsewhere, I need to know how he arrived at the choice of ingredients, chemical proportions chosen, variations, and usage experience as explained by Mr. Gainer. If anyone has the original issue, I would be happy to arrange to pay for a Xerox copy and postage. I can also receive a fax if I can coordinate with the sender to set my computer up to receive it.

-- George Ingram (togeorge@thegrid.net), July 21, 1999


I have back issues to 1984, so will look for that one this weekend.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@earthlink.net), July 23, 1999.

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