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At the present time many articles are appearing in the press re self-regulation etc. We must not forget that many who contact,this site are victims of various problems which have caused there repossession

Many times we here the same stories re shortfalls-statute laws limitation periods and these are all legal, set up under our justice system and yet nobody notices this point or appears to.

yet the lenders complain re self regulation becoming under the FSA just like pensions etc . we cannot live in a country that prides its self on justice and innocent untill proved guilty -in many cases the repossessed cannot afford the legal costs or get legal aid (in many cases) yet are facing the might of the big Company lawyers used by many lenders.

we have to have mandatory regulation for these very reasons and would like to see comments on this question from MPs Press and yes even Lenders and of course most important the Repossessed

charles twford

-- charles twford (, July 20, 1999



I have been flicking through old threads and saw this. I'm going to post a new thread at the top of Q&A about the Consumer Review Group.

all best,

-- Eleanor Scott (, February 03, 2001.

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