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The Ilford sheet states the development time of FP4+ 35mm film with ID-11 (1+3) as 18min. However, the Mega development chart in the net says 14-15 min with the same developer. Does anybody know what the (more) correct time is? At the moment I rate this film at EI 100 and develop for 17 min in ID-11 (1+3).

-- Omar Ozenir (, July 20, 1999


The correct development time for you is whatever works for you. If Ilford recommend 18min, but you prefer 17min, no-one should argue. For someone else, 14min may work better. It depends on the subject, water quality, thermometer accuracy, agitation technique...

-- Alan Gibson (, July 20, 1999.

Omar, I couldn't agree more with Alan. the "correct time" is the time that allows you to achieve desired results. If you are not happy with the way your FP4 looks, try rodinol @ 1:50. for years i processed my FP4 (rateed at 80) in ID-11 1:1 for 9 1/2 min. @ 68f. about a year ago i started processing it in rodinol 1:50 for 17min. @ 68f and rating it at 100. Sean

-- Sean (, July 20, 1999.

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