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I've had several complaints from customers using AOL 4.0 that they cannot add items to the cart. (Earlier versions, ie 3.0 work fine).

I tried this myself and it happened to me too.

What's the solution, other than telling them they have to use IE instead of AOL's browser?


-- Chris (, July 19, 1999



Your "demoheader.html" file if you used a custom html editor it adds in extra tags at the end of the file. Use a text editor and look at the end of the file for /body /html and any other tags that do not belong. Remove them.

Your "demofooter.html" file the same thing but at the top of the file look for "html" "body" "meta tags" "title" any other tags that are there. Remove them.

Check your "tmp" directory see if it adding a file called "store1-XXXXXXX" then add a item to the shopping cart. Check again the same file should be there. Check the file to see if what is in it is what you ordered. If you have two files you "smart.cgi" is getting two different host names so it is adding to one file but displaying another.


-- James L. Farmer (, July 19, 1999.

Made the modifications as suggested above. Nothing is being added to my tmp file. I wonder if this is because I made some modifications, as suggested in earlier bulletins, to the S-Mart.cgi file by replacing REMOTE_HOST with REMOTE_ADDR???

Thanks for the response, Jim.

-- Chris (, July 20, 1999.

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